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Soomlased ootavad külla

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Keruun Jousi ootab eestlastest maastikuvibulaskjad külla 12.09.2015. Lastakse erimaastikuringi, mis koosneb 16 loomalehest ja 12 WA maastikuringilehest.
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Kutse Soome 3D Openile

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Põhjanaabritelt võistluskutse 1.-3.08 Siuntios toimuvale IFAA 3D openile.



We have the pleasure to invite you to the third (3) Finnish Open 3D competition in Siuntio Finland, about 40km west of Helsinki. The event take place between 1th  to 3th August 2014. The competition is open the the members of all archery associations and all IFAA shooting styles. The event follows the rules and regulations set for the IFAA 3D rounds For further information, please proceed to the homepages.

We warmly welcome you to Siuntio this August
FFAA, Finnish Field Archery Association
Organizing commitee

Finnish 3D Open 2013

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Põhjanaabrid kutsuvad 9.-11.08 Siuntiosse 3D Openile.
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Soome lahtistelt jahimeistrivõistlustelt 3 medalit

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4.-5. augustil Soomes Siuntios toimunult Finnish Open 3-D Bowhunting’u võistluselt naasid viis osalenud eestlast 3 medaliga – Neeme Jõesaar VMLB kullaga, Rein Rebane AMBU hõbedaga ja Heidi Vanker tõi koju AFLB pronksi. Palju õnne võitjatele! Tulemused siin.

Finnish Open 2012

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Dear Archers!

Päätimme jatkaa Finnish Open kilpailun ilmoittautumisaikaa 20.07. saakka, jotta myös EBHC 2012 jälkeen kisapäätöksiä tekevät ampujat ehtivät mukaan.
Osallistumismaksu on edelleen 30 € ,juniorit ja minit 20 €

We have a pleasure to invite you to the first Finnish Open 3D- Championship on August 4-5, 2012 in beautiful and challenging forests of Siuntio. We hope you will enjoy with us and like the beautiful scene our country offers.
This competition is open for all classes. We shoot according to IFAA- rules during two days. On Saturday we shoot 3D Animal round (3 arrows) and on Sunday 3D Standard round (2 arrows).
The venue in Rantasipi Siuntion Kylpylä (Welware Center in Siuntio) locates about 40 kilometres west from Helsinki. The course is in the same forest where EFAC was held year 2006. The hotel, restaurants, SPA- services and offices locate in the middle of the center. The accommodation costs are reasonable for everybody. The price 48 euros include also breakfast and SPA- services.
You are welcome to Finland!
Finnish Field Archery association, FFAA, Organizers